One Piece: Romance Dawn announced for North America

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A couple of months ago it was announced that One Piece: Romance Dawn would be brought to European shores, but until now fans of One Piece have been in the dark about whether or not the game would be released in North America.

Well during Tokyo Game Show Namco Bandai revealed that they are planning on bringing the game to the Americas as well sometime before the end of the year. Alongside this reveal the company also released a large number of new screenshots for the game as well as a new trailer, both of which can be found below.

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  • thecrows2332

    Ive only seen the first 120 episodes of One Piece. How far along does the game for episode wise? I might have to catch up with the anime before i buy the game.

    • we’ll find out and let you know but always a good idea to catch up before u play the game as the game does always speed through a lot of episodes normally ~MA

    • Sergei Lazarev

      Although I don’t follow One Piece, a look at the wiki says it covers from the start all the way to episode 489. You’ve got some viewing to do!

  • twoeigths

    This looks like fun

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