New Beyond the Boundary PV uploaded

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Kyoto Animation has uploaded a new promotional video for their upcoming anime series Kyokai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary), the video was uploaded on both the KyoAni YouTube channel and on the Kyokai anime website.

The promo is around one minute thirty eight seconds long and shows one of the main characters, Mirai Kuriyama, leaping over her school rooftop fence, this is then followed by various fight scenes and a preview of a few monsters that will be in the anime.  This video has a lot more action than the first PV released; which was a one minute showcase of the four main characters. Check out the newest PV by clicking the video below.

The anime is an adaptation from the light novels created by Nagomu Torii and Chise Kamoi and is based around the strange things that occur after half demon Akihito Kanabra rescues blood manipulator Mirai from jumping off the school rooftop. The series is set to air during the Fall season of this year.

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