Madman Acquires Dragonball Z: Battle of the Gods

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The Z Fighters return!

Madman is proud to announce the acquisition of the latest addition to the beloved Dragonball Z franchise: Dragonball Z: Battle of the Gods. The first theatrical release for Dragonball Z in 17 years, it is the first film to be considered canon to the original manga, due to Akira Toriyama’s heavy involvement.

When Birus, The God of Destruction awakes from a long slumber, he learns of the defeat of the galactic overlord Freeza by the hands of Son Goku. Seeking an opponent worthy of his power, Birus, along with his companion Uis, travels to the North Quadrant of the universe to challenge Goku to a battle.

The film shot straight to the number one spot in its opening week at the Japanese box-office, taking in over US$7 million and selling over 500,000 tickets in just two days. The film has since become the fastest-grossing film of 2013 in Japan, earning a total of US$30 million (2.9 billion Yen).

Dragonball Z: Battle of the Gods will premiere at the 17th Japanese Film Festival, touring Australia October to December 2013. The film will also screen at select theatres across Australia, though not until 2014. For more information, visit the official site. Almost two decades later, are you ready to rock the dragon once more?

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