Log Horizon – Anime Preview Video Released

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- Log Horizon -

– Log Horizon –

Log Horizon is a new Anime series which will be starting it’s run during the next Anime Season which will be starting in October. A video was just released which shows us a 2-minute preview of the story, characters and world that Log Horizon is based in. We’re shows the main character Shiroe and his two companions, one which is his old friend Naotsugu and the other is a lady assassin named Akatsuki. The story revolves around a computer game where 30,000 Japanese gamers have been trapped and must survive in this fantasy, MMORPG world. Shiroe and his friends are now a part of this world and, like all the other players, they must survive until they can find a way out of it. Not only has there been a video release but there has also been some awesome looking character design images released which you can see below in the gallery. To see the video itself just head down to our Featured Video section and it’ll be there waiting.

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