Kill La Kill, Valvrave Season 2 – English-Subbed Trailers Released

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Everything is, kind of, happening at once right now! We’re getting so close to the next season of Anime and some licenses have already been picked up, not only that put today Aniplex USA has released, like I said in the title, a subtitled trailer for both Kill La Kill and Valvrave Season 2! The series was also just picked up by Australian Anime Distributor, Madman, and will be streaming it through their Madman Screening Room starting on the 3rd of October and it will be streamed on the “day and date” that it will be released in Japan. I’m very excited for both of these series’, as is every other Anime fan. Not only have these trailers been released but Aniplex also announced that Kill La Kill, Valvrave The Liberator Season 2 and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic will be streamed on four different sites and streaming services: Daisuke, Crunchyroll, Hulu and their very own Aniplex Channel will all stream these three series’ through their whole run as they are released.


It’s some incredible news that will surely make Anime fans scream in delight! It is set to be an incredible season of Anime, possibly even better and more climactic than the last! You can see the Valvrave The Liberator Season 2 English-Subtitled Trailer just under this paragraph and to see the Kill La Kill English-Subtitled Trailer just scroll down a little bit too our Featured Video Section where it can be watched. The next Anime season is starting in October so get ready! Enjoy!

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