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Last night Microsoft hosted an exclusive event for the Xbox One at Challis Studios in Potts Point, Sydney. The VIP evening invited guests to see upcoming first party launch titles and the new Kinect 2.0, meet developers from Crytek and Capcom – interview with Dead Rising 3 producer Mike Jones here – and have some hands on time with the highly anticipated console. Members of the Capsule Computers crew each spent time playing the Xbox One to form the following impressions:

Ryse: Son of Rome: Gladiator mode was on offer, which is the multiplayer aspect of the game. It definitely has some good value and we can see it being a fun and competitive hack ‘n slash game. However, what’s holding Ryse: Son of Rome back generally is the lack of polish, especially on the presentation side of things (tightening up cameras and clipping specifically). Touches like having the spear pick-up actually appear on the character and maybe putting a bounding box around characters once they have engaged in an execution so others can’t get in the middle of it would be appreciated. These are all minor things that can be altered/fixed in the next month and a half. Oh, and it’s not all quick time events; there is a large element of timing and using the right attack for the right opponent.


Forza Motorsport 5: The demo only consisted of one track with five cars to choose from (including the McLaren P1), so there isn’t much to say other than this was the first instance of feeling the rumble cores in the triggers and the feedback adds another layer to the driving experience. The left trigger rumbles on brakes and the right on acceleration, with 3 levels of intensity depending on your speed. If you slam the breaks at high speed, for example, the rumble gets quite powerful. And of course, graphically it looks great… shocking, right?

Dead Rising 3: The rebuilt engine allows for more zombies, more weapons, more map, more EVERYTHING. It will definitely be the Xbox One’s killer app when the console launches in November, and, well… motorcycle/steamroller combo vehicle with flamethrowers… need I say more? The framerate has already been tightened up and optimised since the Gamescom build too, so that was very encouraging to see.


Killer Instinct: Button-mashing proved effective for the fast-paced gameplay, but that doesn’t translate to strong combos. Killer Instinct is much more technical and skill-based than most other fighters we have played, and there is interesting button mapping with the light, medium, heavies on X, Y, RB (punches) and A, B, RT (kicks). Each editor had their favourite character, although Sabrewulf was universally recognised as a fantastic starter choice.

Kinect Sports Rivals: The motion-controlled sport series is impressive and lives up to the hype Microsoft conveyed for Kinect 2.0 with the Xbox One release. Kinect 2.0 responds to multiple people and can accurately track even the slightest body movements and gestures, such as opening and closing your fist when mountain climbing.


It should also be noted how comfortable the Xbox One controller feels. The thumbsticks are smaller but have that great grip texture around their edges, and the D-Pad, well, you don’t have to worry. The only concern we had was with the shoulder buttons not giving as much feedback as we’d expect, but then again with more use, we could get used to them. Don’t miss out on your chance to preview the Xbox One at EB Games Expo in October before the release November 22.

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  • GortJester

    Why is the controller the part that is scaring me the most… First it was word of the analog sticks being too small and hurting fingers, and my biggest concern was stepping up the quality of the original bumpers which were very cheap feeling, and now you’re saying they don’t feel like they have as much feedback… I’m worried a little, even with my Day 1 Edition being paid off… Meh, guess we will find out soon. Good write-up!

    • I think the controller will be fine, just have to wait and see when u have it in ur hands and experience it for yourself ~MA

    • Owl

      GortJester, you need to stop falling prey to propaganda. Do you know the amount of time Microsoft tested the controllers? Look it up. If the controller was going to burn the skin off your thumb by the way it rubs on it, do you think Microsoft would have ignored the issue? Or are you just being paranoid thanks to one person with a deceiving agenda?

      • I have to agree with this comment, i think the controller will be one of the best on the market once its launched ~MA

    • Zac Elawar

      Hey GortJester, let me alleviate your fears right now. I contributed to the article, specifically the quick line about the controller. Do not worry about the thumbsticks, they are perfect. I cannot see how they would hurt your fingers. Now the shoulders are a difficult thing… because we didn’t get to use them too much as they weren’t mapped much for what was shown… however, I just felt like they didn’t press down like a button should. The 360 one felt cheap, and this one definitely is not… the build quality is much better. But for some reason, I would have liked more feedback. But again, maybe I just need to get used to it. I literally pressed it 5 times in total.

  • fooshy

    I WANT

    • hehe Preorder and get one 😉 ~MA

      • fooshy


        • hmmmmmm ok Yoda use the force to make time move faster 😉 ~MA

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