Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate launch tournament kicks off today

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To commemorate the launch of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, our review of which can be read here, in North America Tecmo Koei is planning a major launch party/tournament and it starts today. The tournament is The Fall Classic and it will last for three days where the launch party will occur at the last day, hosted by Konsole Kingz. The grand finals will be streamed on Twitch TV.

Full details of the time table of the tournament can be found below:

September 13
7pm: Team tournament and highly anticipated “Old Skool vs New Skool” exhibition team match, sponsored by Gamester Gear Headphones

September 14
1pm – 8pm: Saturday Singles Qualifier

5pm: Sunday Grand Finals

9pm – 1am: Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate launch party produced by Konsole Kingz to include demo stations, giveaways and prizes

September 15
5pm: Grand Finals with $9500 total pot bonus

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