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We have a copy of Disney Infinity on XBOX 360 to give away courtesy of Disney.

“Disney Infinity is all about making your own story, igniting the spark of imagination and wonder that comes from playing with toys as a kid.”

Check out our REVIEW of the game here.


All you have to do to win is to simply answer the following question: Who is your favourite Disney character and why?Leave your answer in the comment section below.

The lucky winners will be drawn at random on September 7th, 2013. Good luck to you all!


When you enter please leave a VALID email address so we can notify you if you are the lucky winner.


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  • CaptainJoel

    My favorite character is definitely Wall-E! He’s so cute and awesome!

  • Sam

    Buzz Lightear. He’s a space ranger who can do a karate chop attack.

  • jack

    sully from monsters inc
    whose isn’t hes amazing hes the best monster

  • MooMilk

    Donald Duck, he’s one of the classic icons of Disney and has a funny personality.

  • Emilio

    Syndrome. He is my favorite villain. He created his own super powers, with zero point energy, that is genius! although he is crazy set on getting revenge with mr. incredible and destroying all the Super heroes. I think he would have made an amazing hero, had he been given the chance.

  • Randy Liu

    Mickey Mouse because that was my childhood!

  • Anthony

    Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story because he is from outer space.

  • Kelly78

    Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas because if there were a cartoon version of myself it would be of Jack

  • Colin

    Awesome review. My favorite disney character is Mike from Monsters Inc. He’s just so cheery and funny!

  • Peter

    Mickey Mouse! Classic and never gets old!

  • karmaknight1332

    I love Chernabog. He’s basically the anti-disney character. For all intents and purposes he’s Satan!!

  • aaran

    My favorite disney character would have to be Goofy!I really liked the Goofy movie back in the day. His son Max was a bit of a jerk though…

  • Kristy-Jo Blacknell

    Jack sparrow I bet loads of people have chosen jack sparrow but if they haven’t they gotta he is the best he walks a fancy and he’s a pirate he’s funny and pluss he is BRITISH WOOHOO anyway he has a enemy (Davy Jones – my second favourite) and I want to see him do some funny things on disney infinity so please please choose me please?

  • volcombrandon

    I’ve always loved Robin Hood growing up i would watch the cartoon movie over and over and still love it to this day! Thanks for the great contest and this is a awesome prize to win! The game looks like endless fun.

    Twitter: @volcombrandon

    Facebook: Brandon Dithrich

  • Gram

    Captain Hook because I have always had a fascination for pirates and the pirate life. Plus, he has fantastic fashion sense, a killer mustache, and a badass hook.

  • Karl Besser

    So hard to pick but I’m gonna have to go with JACK SKELLINGTON! (

  • Shawn Renaud

    New favorite is Grunkle Stan from Gravity Falls 🙂
    Thanks for the contest

  • JayzelK

    David Jones. Because of his awesome tentacle beard. I would give my own beard for that one.

  • wildbillhickock

    the lone ranger because he has a gun and a horse d

  • Logan P

    Randy is my favourite character because he has more legs than anyone else!!

  • John K

    Aladdin, because he’s a street rat… but I don’t buy that.

  • James Pritchard

    I liked Woody as a kid, but Jack Sparrow’s humor is too good!

  • Razzle

    Definitely Mike from Monsters. Fun loving wacky guy. Plus he’s a cyclops.

  • Stephanie McLemore

    My favorite Disney character is definitely Wall-e. He’s the cutest robot ever and so under-appreciated. I collect Wall-e stuff, which is actually difficult, because they don’t make anything since the movie’s release!

  • William Mailand

    My favorite Disney character(s) are the aliens from The Claw machine in Toy Story. I’ve always loved claw machines (and am pretty good at them too). The aliens are also my favorite look for an alien since about 3rd grade.

  • Nick Silva

    Goofy well because he’s goofy 🙂
    email –

  • Peter

    donald duck!

  • Braden

    Rapunzel. She is artistic, funny, smart and is awesome with the frying pan! She is just like you and me and her story is so beautiful. One of my favourite things though is how she expresses herself with her paintings. Like Ariels collection, she observes the outside and paints them into a beautiful galley that I love! She is amazing and I can’t wait to play as her!

  • NickTheRiver

    Probably Jack Skellington due to the fact that he still has that Disney charm and do-gooder personality even if it’s in his own slightly creepy way.

  • Kim L.

    I love Lewis/Cornelius Robinson. “Keep Moving Forward.” 🙂

  • Shawn Sigurdson

    Shadow from Homeward Bound, one of my favorite movies from my childhood. I chose Shadow because he is an old wise dog. The actor(Don Ameche) who did the voice acting for Shadow in the movie passed away shortly the movie came out, I guess that’s another reason why I chose Shadow as my favorite Disney character.

  • Isoreaver

    This is an awesome giveaway,

  • Isoreaver

    Aladdin is My Favorite Disney character. He has a genie a monkey and a flying carpet. Came from the streets and now is a prince.

  • El Ross

    Got to go with Stitch, so cute and so dangerous. Thanks for the shot, my little guy is dying for this one.

  • Guest

    Long haired Rapunzel because she has spent her entire life in a tower, and after a thief stubled upon her she gets to discover the world and goes home where she truly belongs…and infinity is bringing her out as a toybox character yeah!

  • Linda Cleary

    Long haired Rapunzel because she has spent her entire life in a tower,
    and after a thief stumbled upon her she gets to discover the world and goes
    home where she truly belongs…and infinity is bringing her out as a toybox
    character yeah!

  • The Disney Infinity competition has now ended. We have chosen the following winner :

    Jillian – Comment :: Jack Sparrow! Who doesn’t love a pirate! He’s the best pirate ever to sail the seven seas!

    We’ll be in contact you via email.

    Thanks to everyone that entered. Be sure to check out all the other competitions at Capsule Computers here :

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