The Uncanny Valley: What is a Gamer?

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It used to be that a gamer was easy to define, you had a console that played games or built a PC rig and that was that. Today we play games in web browsers, on our phones, even our user interfaces are becoming increasingly “gameified”. We’ve arrived at a point where what you would traditionally define as a gamer has become a grey area. This episode we tackle this very question.

Sometimes it’s hard to describe things. You have a clear idea of what it is in your head and the moment you try and put words to it everything fumbles out of your mouth and it sounds like nonsense. This is not what our show is about. What it is about… is, well it’s about a lot of things. It’s about life, it’s about love, it’s about you.


The Uncanny Valley is a documentary styled show that tells stories about people who love things not because they’re cool; but for the pure sake of loving them. It’s about that time you camped out in the rain for first screening tickets to Star Wars; but it’s not about Star Wars. It’s about all those hours spent putting together and crafting the perfect costume for that cosplay convention; but it’s not about anime. It’s even about how you took first place in that Starcraft competition; but it’s not about video games.

This is a show about the people who never let that childlike love of things escape.

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Episode Three can be viewed below along with our special B-Sides on What is a Gamer. Be sure to also visit the official Uncanny Valley Facebook page HERE for more information and details for season two of the series.

The Uncanny Valley: What Is A Gamer?

B-Sides – What Is A Gamer?

Evil Megalomanical Super-Villain hell bent on taking over the world.

  • Cyano

    There are many levels of gamers I think but it all is defined by the genre and how much relative attention or depth one puts in to a game. For example one individual may spend up to 30min to 1 hour in character customization in an mmo opposed to a person who plays a level of candy crush to pass the time.

    • Yes exactly, even thought the Candy Crush person is only playing a casual game that person is still spending over an hour playing something that is still considered a game, being casual or hardcore that person can still be considered a gamer within that specified genre. ~MA

  • Jahan

    This Phil person is super hot! ;3

  • what is my name

    A gamer is exactly what it says on the tin. A person who plays games.

    • yes exactly and that could any kind of game 🙂 ~MA

      • what is my name

        Thats the beauty of it.

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