Senran Kagura Burst to be released in Europe as well

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Earlier this week some amazing news happened when XSEED Games announced that Senran Kagura Burst would finally be released in English in North America. After this news was announced, many European gamers were wondering whether or not this long awaited game would be heading to Europe as well.

Well today it was revealed that Zen United is going to be publishing the title in Europe and unlike North America, the game will be released physically as well as digitally in Q1 2014. Similar to the North American release, currently no price for either the physical or digital release has been announced.

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  • mvc fannest

    why do they make there schoolgirls so busty? how they gonna fight like that?

    • Boob physics !! It’s a super power move 😉 ~MA

      • mvc fannest

        It gets confusing though giving 14 year old girls the breasts of a porn star.

        • yes true in a way that’s pretty bad, but hey what can WE do about it.. gotta blame the developers this time around 😉 ~MA

          • mvc fannest

            It’d be embarrasing to buy this in a shop.

          • why? does the box art looks weird? ~MA

          • mvc fannest

            I’m sure there will be some big breasted school girl on the front cover.

          • hehe well only one way to find out buy it when its released and see what the clerk’s reaction is when give him/her the money 😛 ~MA

          • mvc fannest

            Knowing my luck it will be a girl.

          • haha just look down pay and walk out quickly 😉 ~MA

          • mvc fannest

            haha i might just have to do that.

          • let me know how u go 😉 ~MA

  • Arc†icNinja21

    Curse Nintendo and their region locking! I’d much rather import a physical copy from EU than have a digital US copy.

    • Yes it’s quite sad the 3DS was the first time Nintendo did region locking, i too would be happy to have a physical copy of the game over a digital version. ~MA

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