Sega teasing ‘surprise’ Yakuza announcement for August 18th

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It has been revealed that Sega will be announcing the results of their “Yakuza Character General Election” on August 18th outside of Shinjuku Station. While not major news itself, it is what the company will be announcing after the results have been revealed.

The company has said that they will be making a “surprise announcement” for the Yakuza series, but at the moment there has been no indication of what this news could be. Considering this is a Japanese event, it will likely not be news of Yakuza 5 or Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition being localized, but perhaps a sixth Yakuza title or another HD release.

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  • I personally love the Yakuza series but hope that one day SEGA decide to bring back Shenmue and finish the final chapter off for Shenmue 3.

    • Yappoo

      Maybe Ryo Hazuki will meet up with Kiryu Kazama?

      • haha now wouldnt that be a total tease πŸ˜› ~MA

        • Yappoo

          But as always sega like to leave us peeing in the wind.

          • hahahah thats a good one πŸ˜› haha ~MA we’ll see but i know they we wont be seeing Ryo so i’ll make sure i pee down wind on this one ~MA

          • Yappoo

            It will probably be a poster advertising shenmue 3 as a teaser. πŸ™‚

          • hahha now ur going too far! would be nice to have a mention somewhere in the game and yes a poster would be nice ~ MA

          • Yappoo

            Why not have a crossover in your own universe? that would be so cool.

          • It would be just happy with Shenmue 3 being completed. they are already using the engine in Yakuza .. just repopulate with Shenmue characters and we’re done… everyone is happy and the world will be a better place once again ~MA

          • Yappoo

            Yeah i’d like to see shenmue 3 shenmue 1 and 2 were amazing.

          • Yes both were certainly worth playing and fantastic titles! ~MA

          • Yappoo

            Even if the made the third in to a movie. I just need closure.

          • Yes so do i… a movie would be ok but i want to play the GAME!!!!!! ~MA

          • Yappoo

            Go on sega give us what we want i’ll be your best friend like the good old days.

          • ditto i second that πŸ˜‰ ~MA

          • Yappoo

            Now all we need is about 50 million others to want it too.

          • hehe how many do u think we have now? 2? πŸ˜› ~MA

          • Yappoo

            Hopefully a considerably large amount. Let’s hope if they do make it they make it Multiformat.

          • Yes lets hope so, but im not going to hold my breath as much as i want to see it happen i dont think it ever will.~MA

          • Yappoo

            Yeah i suppose it’s better to stay realistic.

          • yeah as much as i want it i know it wont ever happen so i have to face reality πŸ™ ~MA

          • Yappoo

            I’m not gonna give up hope though.

          • Oh neither will I, i’ll keep that glimmer of it sitting in the back of my mind till my dying days πŸ˜‰ ~MA

  • Petty Mungrel

    Hey sega give us a new console and Shenmue 3 and stop licking sony’s arse they destroyed you.

    • hahaha yes i agree a new console and Shenmue 3 will be like a dream come true mixed in with a miracle as well πŸ˜› ~MA

  • ewew

    More Yakuza. Oh sega stop being such a loser.

    • haha well its the closest thing to Shenmue so let them keep on making them ~MA

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