See inFAMOUS: Second Son’s “Smoke & Mirrors”

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While inFAMOUS: Second Son developer Sucker Punch and Sony have previously talked about developing for the PlayStation 4 in their last video, this time around they’re looking to be more showy in the newest behind the scenes video released today. Titled “Smoke & Mirrors” the video focuses on the smoke-based powers that Second Son main character Delsin utilizes as a weapon.

Looking both visually striking and very versatile, the powers Delsin will wield in inFAMOUS: Second Son certainly seem to be getting quite the boon from the power of the PS4 in how much can be done with the particle effects. Absorbing more smoke from environmental objects like chimneys and destroyed vehicles, Sucker Punch has also done a great job tying the powers to the surroundings.

Those wanting to see the behind the scenes of Second Son‘s smoke abilities can watch the video for themselves embedded below. Players will be able to experience the powers for themselves when inFAMOUS: Second Son releases exclusively for the PS4 after it launches.

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