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Maybe you’ve heard about the new iPad game that Giant Spacekat is making titled Revolution 60 when it was at PAX East, or maybe you haven’t either way the time to start knowing about it is now. That reason is the new Kickstarter that Giant Spacekat has just launched to finish, polish, and get the game on PC and Mac, so that more people can enjoy it than just on iPad.

Revolution 60 is designed as a combination of Heavy Rain and Mass Effect to tell a story where choices truly matter and will have many different endings depending on the choices that players make. Featuring an all female cast, from an all female developer, players will take the roll of Holiday an assassin on a mission to save a planet from nuclear war.

Featuring intuitive controls designed for ease of casual gamers, cast of voice actresses like anime’s Amanda Winn-Lee and Marieve Herrington, and full facial animation using Unreal, Revolution 60 is set to be an outstanding iPad game. But, with the Kickstarter Giant Spacekat is hoping to make the game even better with polished visuals and reaching the PC and Mac crowd. Those wanting to help Revolution 60 reach its modest $5000 goal or wanting more information can check out the Kickstarter Page.

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  • Frank Wu

    Thanks for the shout-out! And thanks for leading with a screencap of a spaceship I designed for the game (it’s called the Dragonchild and we wanted it to look pointy and scary). We’ve made our $5000 base goal (thanks, everyone!) so anyone who pledges $20 or more will get a PC version, DRM-free. And same for the Mac version, if we reach our $10K stretch goal. Feel free to post any comments about the game – we’d love to hear from you!

    • Thanks Frank, we’ll do our best to continue to support and share all the latest news for the game 🙂 Keep in touch ~MA

      • Frank Wu

        Thanks, MasterAbbott! We will. We’re trying very hard to keep up a dialog with people in the community. And we’re open to any suggestions you or anyone else has out there about our game! Thanks.

        • Great to hear, myself personally I’m a huge fan of both Heavy Rain and Mass Effect so I’m eagerly awaiting Revolution 60 🙂 ~MA

          • Frank Wu

            Yeah, I LOVED Mass Effect. My one (very very minor) complaint, though, is that most of the aliens (esp. the good ones) were vertebrates – ya know, humans with funny heads (like in Star Trek). I would have liked to have seen more arthropod or cephalopod-based aliens (like the Reapers or the Leviathans). But that’s a very small quibble.

            Hey, MA, if you are interested in playing a demo of the first part of Rev60 (and have an iOS device), please email Brianna Wu (my wife and our head of development) at We have a few slots left for journalists like you!

          • Ahh well there were a few original kinds of Aliens like the Elcore and the Hanna (spelling might off haha) But yes everything else was kinda similar.

            Sure we can email Brianna and request a preview code.~MA

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