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Horror fans definitely have an intense experience waiting for them with the release of the fearsome game Outlast coming up, but that’s not the only reason to take note. Indie developers Red Barrel have announced today that their upcoming title will be available for pre-order directly from Steam, but the difference is the 20% discount off the games original $19.99 price tag. The deal starts today and is available for a limited time as it only lasts through the game’s September 4 debut.

Ever since its debut to the masses way back in October at PAX East and E3 Outlast has excited gamers and media alike with its creepy setting and interesting concept and PAX Prime will stir up excitement even more as Red Barrel is set to unveil a new hands on tech demo on September 1.

For those not lucky enough to seen what the game is all about Outlast throws you into a long abandoned asylum deep in the remote reaches of Colorado. Massive Mountain Asylum, as it was called, has now been opened under the guise of “research” as the Murkoff Corporation keeps all their activities in secret. The main character gets an anonymous tip as to the activities taking place at the supposedly abandoned asylum. What is discovered blurs the line between the quest for knowledge and sheer evil.


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