Pokemon X and Y Guidebook and Accessories Revealed

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We’re getting close, Trainers! The next generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon X and Y, are not too far away but it doesn’t help that Nintendo and Gamefreak are constantly teasing us with slow releases of Pokemon and all around info on the games. Don’t stress to much because Bluemouth Interactive have just announced the release of three gaming accessories and a guidebook, Officially licensed, that will accompany the release of the games themselves. They are definitely set for release on the 12th of October, the very same day the games are set for release.  If you’re excited for the games than I’m sure you’re excited for these guys, it really is the perfect thing to go with your next Pokemon adventure.

Pokemon X and Y – Official Kalos Region Guidebook, RRP $34.95:


Key details:

– Premium hardcover binding-dust jacket. Includes region map.

– A complete walkthrough of all Gym Badges.

– Detailed info on all the new game features.

– A guide to find Hidden Iteams and Special Pokemon. Includes a location index.

– Hints on the best ways to use Roller Skates, Ride Pokemon and challenge Gym Leaders.

– A Pokemon screen cleaner for your console.

– Tips and tricks for getting the most out of the PSS and Online features.

– An updated type matchup chart that includes the all-new Fairy type.

– A pull out map of the Kalos region.



Pokemon X and Y – Pokeball Zip Case, RRP $29.95:




Key Details:

– Pokeball graphics.

– Sturdey EVA shell with soft interior lining protects any Nintendo DS system.

-Stores up to 6 Ninento DS/3DS game cards and 2 replacement styluses.




Pokemon X and Y – Essentials Kit, RRP $29.95:




Key Details:

– Dual-sided graphics case displays the Pokemon X and Y theme.

– Kit includes total storage for 6 game cards.

– Holds any Nintendo DS system accessories.

– System Case stores up to 4 Nintendo DS/3DS game cards and 2 replacement styluses.

– Kit includes: System Case, 2 character styluses, 2 Single game cases.






Pokemon X and Y: Traveller Kit, RRP $24.95:




Key Details:

– Dual-sided graphics display the X and Y theme.

– Sturdy shell with soft lining protects any Nintendo DS system.

– Stores up to 4 Nintendo DS/3DS game cards and 2 replacement styluses.


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