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Kumotion, a new-on-the-scene mobile game publisher, announced today that Pocket Titans, an adventure RPG, will be ready for gamer consumption in September on iPhone and iPad.

Pocket Titans is a turn-based RPG puzzle adventure game. Set in a fantasy world with mages, rogues, and orcs, it blends tactical decision making with casual puzzle play to create what is being described as “Candy Crush meets XCOM meets Game of Thrones.”

Developed by two gentlemen over the last 18 months, the game will come with 8 playable character classes, 30 enemy classes, boss battles, and head-to-head two-player battles.

Pocket Titans is currently undergoing closed beta. When it releases in Semptember, it will be priced at $0.99/€0.79/£0.69. You can check out their official website here.

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  • gopal

    Stupid iphone gets all the games.

    • Yes its always the case more users on the iOS platform so that always get first preference when it comes to gaming ~MA

      • gopal

        But the ifarce is an underpowered pos it’s not beefy like my HTC one.

        • Yes totally TOTALLY true but the problem is not everyone can use and understand a HTC … so they go with something easy and simple so when there are millions and millions using something like an iOS devices .. then the developer start there to create their games as there is a far larger market to work with and potentially make them lots of $$$ ~MA

          • gopal

            I would’ve thought brining it on android would help boost sales though. This seems like it could be too complicated for the average iphone user.

          • android is too complicated for ios users that’s about right 😉 ~MA

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