PayDay 2 Launches on Steam Today, PlayStation 3 and Xbox Release to Follow

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Highly anticipated co-op shooter PayDay 2 launched around the world for Windows PC today through Steam. The game costs $29.99 USD. The PlayStation Network downloadable release for the PlayStation 3 will be released tomorrow for $49.95 AUD. Retail stores will begin selling the physical copies of PayDay 2 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on August 15th for the same price. A Xbox Games on Demand is in the works for a later release.

PayDay 2 is a co-op first person shooter that brings players together through the mysterious Crime.Net to commit heists across Washington D.C. Successful heists will award players with experience to buy new perks and money to buy better equipment, but fail a heist and the meticulously planned robbery can go horribly wrong. Players can suddenly be forced to fight their way through hordes of cops to get out alive.

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