Madman launching ‘Titan Week’ fast-track for Attack on Titan

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Eren Jaeger vs The Colossal Titan

Eren Jaeger vs The Colossal Titan

Madman Entertainment have just announced that next week will be ‘Titan Week’ for their Madman Screening Room streaming service. Starting on the 26th of August and running all the way until the 30th of August, Madman will be streaming two new episodes of the wildly popular anime series Attack on Titan each day.

The plan for ‘Titan Week’ is to not only bring anime fans up to speed on the Attack on Titan series but also to fast-track their streaming in order to catch up with the Japanese airing of the series. Following the conclusion of ‘Titan Week’ which will bring the series up to episode 20 on the Madman Screening Room, Madman plans to release new episodes each Wednesday up until the series end.

Attack on Titan tells the tale of Eren Jaeger and his struggle with giant zombie-like creatures known as Titans. The series has garnered wide-spread critical acclaim across the globe.

You can of course check out Attack on Titan on the Madman Screening Room now for your viewing pleasure.

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