KickBeat Releases Beat Your Own Music Trailer

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KickBeat is an upcoming game for the PS3 and PS Vita which has you keep in time with the rhythm to perform awesome kung fu attacks to defeat a bunch of enemies. Think Guitar Hero/Dance Dance Revolution but with less visual cues and more fighting. If you’re still confused, the trailer at the bottom of this article should clear things up.

Obviously the most important part of any music based game are the tracks themselves. KickBeat comes with 18 licensed tracks that you will play through as you progress in the story mode, but for those who want more of a selection or are very picky about their music, Zen Studios has given players the option to use their own music to kick butt to. The process is as simple as tapping the button to the beat to establish the key rhythm of the song, so using your own music should be a breeze. If you’re looking to get KickBeat when it releases on September 3rd, let us know what music you will be fighting to. Personally I can’t wait to unleash some fury to some high energy techno tracks!

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