Girl Fight – Virtual Reality Arenas Unveiled

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Let me just start off by explaining a little bit about what “Girl Fight” actual is: Basically it’s a game that takes place, more or less, on the outer reaches of reality…well, for the characters in the game. It is an arcade-style, action-packed fighting game with every character being a super kick-arse femme fatale. A group of young girls are abducted by a, so far, unknown force called “The Foundation”, this group forces the girls into a virtual reality world run by a technologically advanced super computer called ATHENA. The Foundation are doing this to the girls as an experiment to see if they can unlock and tap into the potential PSI Powers that these fighters “supposedly”, disregarding the sanity of the girls being experimented on.


Within Girl Fight, players will battle on several different arenas, much like every fighting game, what makes this one different is that every single battleground is formed by the memories of a particular fighter undergoing the experiment. They are all based on memories, emotions, past experiences and trauma. The development team have, seemingly, done this to tell us the story of the characters without actually using words. A great deal of beautiful, High-Res images of the battlegrounds have been released, as well as some incredible concept art of other battlegrounds that may be added into the game, you can see them below in the gallery section.


Developed by Kung Fu Factory, Girl Fight is set for a Fall Release and it will be available on the Xbox 360 through Xbox Live and on the PlayStation 3 through the PlayStation Network. This is an interesting game that will surely impress so keep your eyes on the site for any and all new information and news to be released.

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