Final ArmA 3 Beta Update Brings Steam Workshop

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Bohemia Interactive has released one last update to the ArmA 3 Beta before the final release in September. The star of the update is Steam Workshop integration. Previously, scenario makers would have to share their creation on third party websites and forums. Now, ArmA 3 scenario makers can share their creations on Steam Workshop where they can be downloaded, rated, and commented on by the community. Additionally, the update brings a plethora of bug fixes and improvements.

ArmA 3 is the latest addition to Bohemia Interactive’s military simulator. The game features overs 290 km² of land to explore and is currently in beta testing. It can be purchased at a discount until the final release at the official Bohemia Interactive Store and on Steam.

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  • Byron

    Final? Where did you hear that? It’s updated a few times since then. And they have said more content like Unmanned Vehicles and even the larger map before the game releases properly.

    • Laike

      Seems like they have decided this will be the final Beta release. This news was sent out to media outlets as a press release from Bohemia Interactive and posted on the Facebook page for ArmA 3. Looks like they are focusing their efforts on the final release.

      • PurePassion

        No, this is only the “final” update to the stable branch. The development branch will still receive daily updates and content additions like the drones yesterday and Altis around gamescom.

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