Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate contains 231 costumes and numerous online additions

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Fans of Dead or Alive are familiar with the numerous costume choices available for each fighter in the game and while Dead or Alive 5 had 114 costumes on disc, there will be far more than that in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. According to the most recent news from Tecmo Koei, there will be 231 costumes in the title that can be unlocked through playing the game.

Another new feature for the game is GP, or Grade Points, which are earned by fighting and winning matches. The online mode has also been overhauled to add not only a 2-on-2 tag battle but also Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Fighter ranks to give players a chance to reach new competitive levels of play. Also added is a Character Point system that shows how well versed in a character a player is, which will give gamers a glimpse at whether or not the player is using their strongest fighter.

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