Betrayer Revealed by New Studio Blackpowder Games

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Some of the developers from Monolith, those that had worked on the first F.E.A.R. and the No One Lives Forever series, have gotten together to make a new independent studio by the name of Blackpowder Games. The new studio has announced themselves and their first project today in the form of a video trailer.

Titled Betrayer, the new game will be set in 1604 in the New World as the player seeks out the missing inhabitants of a English colony. With a distinctive art style, the FPS will require players to stockpile a variety of period weapons such as muskets, crossbows, and tomahawks.


Players would be smart to keep all those weapons ready and handy as Betrayer features dangers in the form of ghosts and other enemies on the path to finding out what happened to the colony, but not everything in the wilderness of the land will be hostile, as players will find aid from a woman in red in the distance.

Those wanting to see Betrayer in action in the announcement trailer can find it embedded below. Players wanting to find out more about Betrayer themselves will have their chance when its Steam Early Access becomes available on August 14th, 2013 for PC. Until then though maybe check out some PC deals.


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