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We have 1 ticket to give away for the upcoming Vocaloid Night 2013 dance party hosted by SMASH! The party is being held at the Pontoon Bar in Darling Harbour in Sydney on the 10th of August 2013.

To win simply leave a comment below answering the following question and we’ll pick a lucky winner for each title:

Which is your favourite Vocaloid song and why?

We’ll pick our lucky winners on the 14th of July! Make sure you use a  valid email when you register/post your comment so we can email you if you are the lucky winner.


Competition is open to AU Residents only. Winner will have to cover their own travel to get to the event.



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  • Emma Cooney

    Favourite vocaloid song is called ‘日本橋高架下R計画’, this is because it sounds almost like an anime opening, but is actually part of a unique vocaloid music project that combines animations and songs!

  • Ben ~LinkageAX~ Webb

    Mine’s definitely Ievan Polkka –

  • Ben ~LinkageAX~ Webb

    Ievan Polkka – /watch?v=kbbA9BhCTko

  • Anna

    magnet by hatsune miku and megurine luka
    this song was the first vocaloid song i heard which got myself into cosplaying vocaloid so its held very dearly to me, i think what attracted to me would have to be the butterfly headpieces and the wonderful melody

  • AnnaKonda

    Tough choice! Today I’ll go with The Dissappearance of Hatsune Miku. I love the way they have used the vocaliod software to produce a song that wouldn’t be possible with a human singer.

  • Neko Chan

    Lots of laughs by hatsune miku! It has such a beautiful music video and its so catchy <3

  • Sentnl

    How can you have one favourite? This is like asking a mother to pick between children, this is like asking someone to pick between SNES and Sega MD, this is like asking someone to pick between jam and peanut butter.. when you can have both!

    I say all of them!

  • Kevin Duong

    Favorite vocaloid song is Hatsune Miku Append, I like the soft tune and instrumental piano tune played throughout the song.

  • Congratulations to : Emma Cooney

    We’ll be in contact with you via email.

    Thank you to all the people that entered the competition.

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