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During the final day of the PAXAus event in Melbourne this your, there was a humourous panel where panel-goers were invited to pitch a game idea to a panel of judges. The pitchees were competing for a small selection of prizes, with each tier containing the previous tiers winnings plus a little extra.

After a long line and a plethora of ideas, there were only three winners. The winners and a brief description of their ideas can be found below:

In third place, we had “Line Manager”. Line manager is a game where players progress by managing queues well. As players progress they can manage more and more events.

Second place was a game called “Kaylen”. It was a cool concept that had the audience cheering. We weren’t allowed to share by request of the creator.

The first place winner was “Home Sweet Home” where players are tasked with defending their homes from intruders and then using their loot to better the players home. It can be summarised as a game similar to Dungeon Keeper.

PAXAus opened this weekend on Friday and is the first time the Penny Arcade crowd has been in Australia to host a convention.

Gaming for as long as my memory serves me, probably longer.

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