NEOGEO X Gold Coming to Australia in Limited Numbers

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The good news is that Australian retro fans will finally have a chance to purchase a NEOGEO X Gold device at their local EB Games on August 15th. The bad news is that the NEOGEO X Gold will only be released in limited numbers.

The NEOGEO X Gold comes with 20 games pre-loaded onto the device, and features a 4.3″ LCD display, stereo speakers, 3.5mm headphone port, and a card slot for more games. The NEOGEO X Joystick is available separately for $99.00.

Interested buyers can pre-order their device at EB Games’ website. The NEOGEO X Limited Edition costs $289.00 and contains the device, the NEOGEO X Station, the NEOGEO X Joystick, twenty pre-loaded games, and the Ninja Masters game card. Those looking for extra games can pick up the Mega Pack Collection containing 15 titles.

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  • neo geo fander puntz

    For what it is i don’t really think it’s worth it.

    • If have a soft spot for NEO GEO games it will be worth it but if ur not interested in that then yes it wont be worth it ~MA

      • neo geo fander puntz

        I was hoping it would be like £80. i like neo geo myself but it just seems too expensive seeing that you don’t get all the games and being that is is over 20 years old.

        • Yes its a little expensive but sometimes things like this cost more because of licensing and production and royalty costs. ~MA

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