Neighbors Update for The Sims FreePlay Now Available

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In a nod to the social nature of mobile gaming, EA Mobile’s The Sims FreePlay released the Neighbors Update, allowing players to visit their real friend’s Sim Towns and Sims to befriend Sims from other Sim Towns. By completing goals at other people’s Sim Towns, players will earn Social Points that can be spent on exclusive items. In addition to the new social feature, a variety of Nordic themed decoration and clothes has been added to the game.

The Sims FreePlay is a free to play mobile game that allows players to guide the lives of their Sims, build their dream houses, and create a bustling town. The Sims FreePlay is available for free on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon AppStore.

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  • Kassi Will

    this update has ruined.the game! I’m so upset. I love the sims, been playing since I was a teen. I’m uninstalling if they don’t fix this. My sims are dying every two minutes, theirs no neighbor items, ughhh don’t like. please fix this.

    • So what exactly has happened? Why are they dying every 2 mins ~MA

  • Tyler

    There are a lot of issues with this update.

    1. Sims needs go to zero really fast. Whenever I go to a neighbor’s town and then go back, all my Sims are completely uninspired. It’s almost as if the clock is sped up, because i get income from houses/party boat/etc.

    2. The prices are completely insane for LP and the new SP. It cost me 70 LP to add a Sim to my town. SP are as difficult to get as LP and the stuff you can buy with SP are really expensive (a new house that can be bought with SP costs nearly 600 for me.)

    3. The neighbors tasks are too difficult. Some are impossible to do if you don’t have many neighbors.

    I think that the game is made more difficult because the developers want people to buy LP/SP from the store at insane prices. They’ve purposely made the game too difficult with the hopes that people just cave in and buy overpriced LP or SP packs. The clock glitch is also very annoying and needs to be addressed. I loved the game when I started playing it, but this update is too much.

    • Hopefully an update will revert back these problems. ~MA

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