LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Debuts Cover Art

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lego-marvel-super-heroes-boxartWhile it was announced that LEGO Marvel character would be gracing the covers of Marvel comics come September, there hadn’t been any official word yet on the cover art of their own LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game. But that changes now as Marvel, along with developer TT Games and publisher Warner Bros., have revealed the box art for the upcoming game.

Featuring just about every character that has had a titular role in the movies, the box art shows off the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Hulk, all the Fantastic Four (if one assumes Invisible Woman is invisible), plus more fan favorites. Boasting more than 100 playable characters LEGO Marvel Super Heroes has many more than could possibly be shown.

The cover art isn’t the only announcement however, as the game will be making a showing at San Diego Comic Con this year at Marvel’s booth. So, fans that find themselves down there can be sure to check it out at booth #2329. The presence will be bigger than just the booth however, as LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will also be featured in the Marvel Video Games Panel at 12:30 local time July 20th, 2013 in room 6A.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is set to release this Fall (Spring in Australia) for consoles Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and Wii U; handhelds PS Vita, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS; and PC.

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  • LegoMarveoforLife

    Hawkeye is not in there
    He isn’t still a doc is he that would suck ballz

  • Hoppygok

    Whoo can’t wait for this Lego batman 2 and lego lord of the rings were awesome.

  • cloman

    Yay another lego game.

    • Yes and they are certainly getting better and better .. this one is looking like its going to be a must buy ~MA

  • Gloater

    Whoo another lego game to 100%

    • Yes this one will certainly be harder and more challenging but well worth the effort to get 100% ~MA

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