Honesty Box E04: Doom 3 BFG Edition

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Now then… This week, for the fourth episode of Honesty Box I’ve turned my attention to Doom 3 (BFG Edition); The Id Software and Bethesda classic sequel to the much adored original FPS PC series Doom.


Expect even more of the same in terms of what occurred in last week’s episode but now I’m bleeping out some particular fricative phrases as they’re only going to become more abundant as time goes by. Topics discussed include the lack of newness, Open GL problems and lots of praise is sung in the way of Doom 3 in terms of when it first came out.

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Oli is a creative writing student, drummer, Pink Floyd nut and avid gamer. You can often find him amidst a pile of PC parts or perched questionably on a drum stool.

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