High School DxD 3DS Game Detailed

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Details have emerged regarding the upcoming erotic battle adventure game, High School DxD for the Nintendo 3DS. Several features of the game were detailed along with its plot-line which follows the anime series quite closely.

The game is based upon the popular harem anime of the same name about a young perverted teen named Issei Hyodou who becomes a devil after being killed on his first date, he then becomes a devil slave to club president Rias Gremory all the while planning to become the harem king.


There will be a number of features in the game including Issei’s famous ‘Dress Break’ ability which allows him to instantly remove the clothes of sexy girls. Not only will he have the ‘Dress Break’ ability, but the game will also feature the ability known as ‘Dress Change’ which forces sexy girls into different sexy outfits at Issei’s behest.

High School DxD will also feature what is being touted as a revolutionary boob bouncing system, the likes of which put even Senran Kagura to shame. Kadokawa Games claim to have ensured the accuracy to the high level of bouncing as seen in the anime series.


The High School DxD 3DS game will hit shelves in Japan on November 28th, 2013. Get ready to Dress Break!

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  • getsu

    any chance for western release?

    • We certainly hope so. Check back soon and we’ll provide you with an update ~MA

    • EvE

      i’m pretty sure it WONT come out

      • We can only hope 🙂 ~MA

        • getsu

          Nah, I didn’t see any Senran Kagura release for west and since this target the same audience I think this one stays in japan too. Sad because I like the anime :(.

          • Yes true i’ll be in Japan in September and it always saddens me with the amount of Japanese RPG/titles there that never make it over to us 🙁 Just wish I could read and understand Japanese a little more than I currently do then I could play them myself. ~MA

          • getsu

            Yeah and that’s why I reluctant to buying a ps4 over the One.It’s so frustrating to know that half the games will not get localised because of the “different culture and audience” stuff. It’s like a guy in high position decide for me what games should I play and what not.

          • Yes true,, when it comes to localization they tend to go with what they think will sell the most as it does take a very long time to translate Japanese to English. ~MA

  • laos

    dunno seems a little bit weird to me

  • poolsolo

    Big boobed school girls ooof.

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