Dragon’s Crown’s character customization detailed by Atlus USA

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Today Atlus USA released a few details concerning the customization options that will be available for players in Dragon’s Crown. You see there are a number of ways to customize these characters besides simply palette swapping the character models, though the company did provide images of each characters’ color options and these can be found below.

To be a bit more specific the company provided a list of all options which can be found below:

  • Name – Character names are selected randomly initially, but are fully editable. (within good taste, naturally)
  • Outfit – Each class comes with five different color palette options for their outfits, ranging from “True Steel” to “Deep Crow.”
  • Voice – Not only will each class have an English voice, but we’ve also left the Japanese combat voices in the game. It’s a per-character option, so the battlefield can have a mix of languages.
  • Analog – For the old-school fans out there, Dragon’s Crown includes an option to switch movement from the analog stick to the D-Pad. (other controls are locked)
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