Posted by Philip Federico on Jul 18, 2013

CC Indie Spotlight Presents Face Noir


Welcome to another episode of CC Indie Spotlight where we demo the latest and greatest of indie gaming.

This episode features Face Noir – is a murder mystery adventure game on PC developed by Italian Indie game developer Mad Orange, and published with localization by Phoenix Online Studios. Face Noir follows the story of a private investigator in 1930’s New York City in a point-and-click adventure. Players will take on the role of ex-cop Jack Del Niro, and find themselves immediately drawn into a world of crime where contacts and persuasion (friendly or not so nice) truly matter.


Today for your viewing pleasure we have game-play walk through for the first chapter of the game which can be checked out below. Face Noir is available now for $19.99 you can purchase the game here. You can also check our our review for Face Noir here.

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