Ys: Memories of Celceta gets some E3 screens and story details

Action News Adventure PS Vita E3 2013 XSEED Games

Ys-Celceta-Sea-of-Trees-e3- (2)

Of the four games that XSEED Games had to show off at E3 this year and also release new assets for, Ys: Memories of Celceta was given the least which is unfortunate but you can still check out the four screenshots below. But hey, to go along with these screens they have also given us a few story details.

In a bustling town deep in the frontier, a young man collapses without his memories. With only his name of Adol Christin left to him, he wanders the nearby town of Casnan to find out more about his past. He is joined by a thief who says that they knew him and the two manage to rescue a group of minors from a mine collapse. Impressed by the two’s skills, the army quickly enlists their help to explore the sea of trees and map the world, a task that no one has ever returned from.

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