Xbox One Day One Patch required for DRM removal

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With today’s announcement that Microsoft would be removing their always on internet requirement, blocking of used games and other controversial issues, it was said that the gamers still had to connect to the internet at least once when they bought the Xbox One. The reason for this? So they can download a patch which will remove the DRM of course.

It seems that a few of the more complimentary features to the system, such as family sharing and having all of your games tied to your account are no longer available, but these are small casualties in a war that consumers needed to win. Unless of course you feel the need to actually carry your console around everywhere you go, then you will now need a larger duffel bag to carry it since rather than having those games digitally, you’ll actually need the discs.

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  • Tom Daly

    So they’ll be able to patch it in again when the xbone makes enough sales win win for M$

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