World War Z World Premiere Footage Features Muse Performance

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London isn’t getting it easy this year in film! (G.I. Joe: Retaliation anyone?)

The World Premiere of World War Z was unleashed upon London, England with Muse performing a free concert for upwards of 15,000 fans straight after. Bring on the Sydney premiere on June 9th!

Courtesy of Paramount, we’ve embedded the Newswrap video on the festivities at the bottom of this article, which includes footage from the Red Carpet, interview snippets from the stars and director Marc Forster, as well as a look at Muse entertaining the English crowd on an awesome ‘Z’ shaped stage. The gallery directly below features images from the night, which better showcase the amazing pyrotechnics display during the show in some spectacular shots.

Also remember to check out our first-hand impressions of the film leading up to our full review near release on June 20th.

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