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To celebrate the imminent release of the action blockbuster WORLD WAR Z, we’ve got a great competition for all our Capsule Computers readers. Read on for details.

United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt), traverses the world in a race against time to stop a pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening to decimate humanity itself.

10 lucky entrants will win an in-season double pass to the film as well as an awesome poster! All you have to do to enter is answer the following question in the comments section below:

Besides an underground bunker, where would be the safest place to hide out during an Apocalypse?

We’re looking for the most creative/funny answers, BUT, if you can give a serious response that is well justified, we’ll be equally impressed. REMEMBER to leave a valid email address in the ’email’ input box when choosing a name to comment with. Those who login to Disqus with their Facebook accounts need not do so. Winners will be chosen and notified on June 19th.


This competition is open to AU residents only.

WORLD WAR Z, rated M, will be ONLY AT THE MOVIES JUNE 20. Check out the international trailer found below. For further information on the film, visit Join the conversation on Twitter with #WorldWarZ. And ‘Like’ the page.

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I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment (w/ major in Games Design) course at Qantm College, Sydney.

  • Damo

    I would finally return to my home town of Wodonga where I reckon an apocalypse would be an improvement on the place.

    • Zac Elawar

      Good call! 😉

  • Aaron Cox

    Simple, the microsoft HQ, that place will be long deserted by the time the zombies strike, due to the XBone

  • ThatDaveGuy

    Why choose an hideous underground bunker when you can enjoy the zombie-apocalypse from the comfort of a very stylish, yet extremely practical zombie-proof house.

    I want to be original and make one up, but a very wise engineer has beaten me to the punch! Nothing stops zombies, fast or slow, like tonnes and tonnes of concrete.

    p.s. good call with the drag-and-drop image functionality in these comments!

    • Zac Elawar

      Wow! It’s also good for sound suppression.

  • adriene

    I’d hide out by coating myself from head to toe with chocolate sauce so that I’d be cold and heat-undetectable to the zombies or whatever that’s causing the apocalypse. If that doesn’t work, at least I’d die happy riding a chocolate-induced oxytocyn high.

  • Travodo88

    Perth.We always receive everything on delay, so I just assume the apocalypse will be just as tardy. For once, this will work to our advantage, as we will get
    SPOILERS from our friends facing their doom in the East and adjust accordingly.

  • sombat

    Apocalypse? What apocalypse?

    What, my arm’s bleeding? No, no, it’s just a scratch.

    Hey, you guys have any bandages in there? Looks nice and safe in there. I can help out… ughhh.. I can cook any meat… I’ll keep you all fed….


    Thanks for letting me in. Hey, why are you covered in chocolate? Damn crazies.

    braai…. umm Brian, my name’s Brian.

    I uh…. don’t feel so good….


    It’s… dinner… time…..


  • James

    I’d say North Korea might be one of the safest places from the zombie apocalypse because Kim Jong Un will save the world with all those nukes he’s boasting about!

  • Jade o

    Ned Flander’s bomb shelter has not only fit in most of Springfield but also saved Homer on a few occasions so that would be the best place to hide. A few supplies as well and it’s ready set GO! Bring it on!!

  • Frank Jolly

    I would video the whole thing and then watch what happens next, you never know I just might survive the whole apocalypse, then sell my video and they can make another movie.

  • Christopher Hatswell

    The safest place would be in my room because you never know when your bed will come in handy as a barricade.

  • Merryl

    A desert island. I should be safely far from the zombie hordes, at least until zombie sharks grow legs.

  • Brody B.

    The Brad Pitt beard zombie defense system of course! This sleek unlimited supply of sex appeal also doubles as a fully inhabitable safe house for you and your buddies! need a lady to bother during the apocalypse? no worries! got cravings for bacon? Brad does too! need automated self defense systems? wayyy ahead of ya!. The Brad Pitt beard zombie defense system is a fully thought out self sustaining haven for the coming apocalypse! get yours today!

  • Simon

    The Moon would be a pretty safe place from Zombies, just a matter of getting there though.

  • clare miller

    Tasmania ! Seriously they usually get forgotten about when it comes to everything, we barely remember them and they’re part of our country so it’d be perfect plus the climates not too bad, plenty of wildlife for going all hunter and gatherer-style should the apocalypse finally arrive and loads of wild countryside to escape into

  • Sam Jones

    I’d head for our national parliament in Canberra, that gang would either make great eating for the zombie horde or at the very least sufficient cannon fodder that I’d escape in the confusion

  • Congratulations to the following 10 winners :

    1 – Frank Jolly

    2 – DAMO

    3 – ThatDaveGuy

    4 – Adriene

    5 – Travodo88

    6 – James

    7 – Sombat

    8 – Jade o

    9 – Broodyb

    10 – Clare Miller

    You will be contacted by email shortly.

    Thanks once again to everyone that entered. Please check back regularly for more cool Capsule Computers competitions.

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