Vita Remote Play On (Almost) All PS4 Titles Mandatory

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Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida recently took to Twitter to address rumours that all PlayStation 4 games have been mandated by Sony to be playable via the Vita’s Remote Play;

This functionality will surely provide a huge boost in sales for the PS Vita – the handheld has not exactly been selling like hotcakes since its launch. How is it possible to play such a high-end title like Killzone: Shadow Fall, for instance, on the device? Well, the image is compressed and scaled down to the Vita’s native 960 x 544 resolution using the PS4’s in-built h.264 video encoder. The console then transfers the game to the Vita via your wi-fi connection, although image quality issues won’t be much of an issue at all; any can be simply resolved through much higher-bandwidth video. The localised nature of the network also allows the input latency to be considerably minimised.

Would you be interested in the handheld now?

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