Planetside 2 Announced for the Playstation 4

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How about a free-to-play MMO to go with that Playstation 4? Today, it was announced that Planetside 2 would be headed to the Playstation 4, bringing the popular PC franchise to consoles. A new trailer that you can watch below was released today for the game, and things are looking rather nice for the big move to a new platform.

I find it interesting looking at the comments on the trailer that the audience is so split, to be honest. On one side, you have Sony loyals who are more than happy to see this title come to the PS4. On the other side, you have disgruntled fans of the PC title who are more than vocal about why they do not want to see this port even take place. For now however, Sony have just placed a big foot in the door for their upcoming “war” of sorts with Microsoft, and it will be interesting to see how things play out with the fans. Grab some popcorn folks, as E3 just got more interesting.

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