One Piece Live Action Advert For Universal Studios Japan

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An older poster for the One Piece Summer Special.

An older poster for the One Piece Summer Special.

During the latest episode of the One Piece anime, which is episode 599, an advertisement was aired to promote the Universal Studios Japan One Piece Summer Campaign.

This has happened in previous years. The theme park is done up, big time, to recreate the world of One Piece; there’s live stage shows, a restaurant build to resemble Sanji’s own restaurant and even monuments around the park that are there to commemorate fallen One Piece heroes.

The live-action commercial shows a bunch of the characters from the New World era of One Piece which means the park will show a lot of the New World Arc like Punk Hazard, Fishman Island, maybe even a Dragon.

Check out both the featured video section to see the commercial and the gallery for some pictures of previous One Piece Summer Specials just to get an idea of what it is like and don’t forget to hit up our comments section and drop us a line.

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