New Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer

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What lies behind the Black Mask?

Amongst the plethora of new games sown and announced at their E3 conference, Sony also presented a new trailer for the upcoming Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment title  Batman: Arkham Origins.

Set as a prequel to the two previous Arkham games, the story focuses on the early days of Batman and one cold Christmas Eve where he is the target of numerous DC villains. With a hit put on hit cowl by crimelord Black Mask, Bats has to use all his wit and cunning to protect himself. For the first time he will have to face enemies with equal, if not more, skill and power than himself.

How will this fight against evil transpire? Will Batman learn what it is to be a true detective? What will Alfred get him for Christmas? Until these questions can be answered, turn on your detective vision and scope out the trailer below.

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