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Indie Gala is celebrating the warm weather with Indie Gala June. The bundle contains three payment tiers, one for all buyers and two separate beat the average tiers. The bundle contains a variety of DRM free, Desura redeemable, and Steam redeemable games. All buyers will receive Creatures: The Albian Years, Pirates of the Black Cove, and a mystery title that will be announced in the second week of the sale. Those who beat the first average tier will receive Chester, Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection, Vessel, Aquanox, and an unannounced title. Those who beat the second average will also receive Star Ruler, Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes, A New Beginning: Final Cut, and three unannounced games.

Indie Gala is donating a portion of the profits to support AbleGamers, a charity that helps disabled children and military veterans play video games.

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