Digimon Masters Releases The Great Demon Lord

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Daemon The Demon King!

Daemon The Demon King!

There’s a new update for Joymax‘s popular MMO game Digimon Masters Online that will unveil the Digimon Lord Daemon to the general player public! Daemon is one of the “Seven Great Demon Lords” who is the leader of an army of demon-type and fallen angel-type Digimon, he was once even a very high level angel-type Digimon. Daemon has seen how good and just the Digimon World has become and has now vowed to plunge it back into darkness where he believes it truly belongs. His big plan: To revive the “Super-Ultimate Digimon” to send the Digital world into an all out war destroying those who stand in his way!

Daemon will be the “endorser” of the new and exciting update! Digimon Masters will be hosting a special Facebook event from the 2nd to the 23rd of July. The event will be called “Digital World’s Hidden Charm of the Month“. Thirty lucky owners of Daemon will win a “never-before-seen” prize! Basically players are asked to take the best and coolest screenshots of their very own in-game Daemon and upload it to the Digimon Masters’ Facebook events page.

Tamers out there can expect a bunch of more news to come through soon so keep your eye on the site and keep training those Digimon! To check out any other info on Digimon Masters Online hit Joymax’s website here.

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