Diablo III (Console): The Champions of Sanctuary

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For those that are weak at hearing, Diablo III is making its way to PS3 and Xbox 360 September 2013. Coming with that notice, a lot of heated discussions have taken place concerning cross platform functionality and console-only perks. For those that have worked extremely hard in earning paragon levels, you may have right to be mad by not being included on the coming release. However, the console version is to be a meticulously crafted title that incorporates the very essence of a true multiplayer.

Where does Blizzard need to start in order to make this version of Diablo III different? They first disconnect themselves with the PC version – allowing a “taint” free environment. There are many that would complain that they have leveled to the highest degree and moan that they hate Blizzard for making this decision, but I know where the dedicated ones will be. And those that hate the very essence that is Diablo III may be entirely disappointed with the coming result. The console version will create both local, online, or combination parties of adventurers to roam the grasslands and dunes of Sanctuary.

One of my favorite past times involves a group of friends huddled around a singular television ready to button smash to grab loot. One cannot mention a console hack-n-slash RPG without bellowing “Champions!”. In many households the word ‘Champions’ rings tenderly in weary adventurers’ ears calling out to play Champions of Norrath developed by Snowblind Studios. Even upon hearing the term, I would be one to rush to grab my PlayStation 2 stash and immediately begin connecting four controllers to the multi-tap device (allows four player local co-op). When among friends, none can be the richer; but when among ‘Champions’ and friends, someone always steals your loot!

Diablo III stands to gain much glory by taking on a similar role to that of Champions of Norrath. By delivering both offline and online multiplayer to the consumers, Blizzard has re-opened the gates of hell to more than the PC gamer. Do you think Diablo III will stand to be a ‘Champions’? Take a look at the gameplay trailer for the console version below: “No One Fights Alone!”

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