Deadpool allows his game to be released with this killer launch trailer

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While most super heroes simply let a video game be made about themselves and don’t care whether the product is any good or not, Deadpool is far from your average hero and Activision has given him a chance to head his own title. As such he has decided to make his own little launch video for the release of Deadpool the video game which is now available for purchase in North America.

This trailer has everything that gamers love, Deadpool, Babes, and of course plenty of mayhem. In closing, here are a few words from the man himself about how he made this game possible:

“I’ll never forget the day I threatened convinced Peter Della Penna, the head of High Moon Studios, to make a kick-ass, third-person comic book video game with extreme combat and bikini-exploding action, starring me. Peter looked me lovingly in the eyes and said in return, ‘Deadpool, I’ll do whatever you want; just please stop filling up my kitchen with pancakes!’  It was that first moment where I really felt like Peter and I had a connection – an understanding that has stuck with me to this very day.  Coincidentally, his family dog stuck with me too, you know…for leverage.”

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