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We have 3 copies of Ace Attorney on DVD courtesy of Madman to giveaway. To win simply leave a comment below answering the following question and we’ll pick 3 lucky winners:

What’s the word that Phoenix yells out while in the court room?

We’ll pick 3 lucky winners on the 20th of May. Make sure you use a  valid email when you register/post your comment so we can email you if you are one of our winners.

Be Sure to check out our review for Ace Attorney here as well.


Competition is open to AU Residents only.

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  • Mike Villela

    damn AU only

  • The_Warping_Penguin


  • Mick G

    “OBJECTION” but I love the 2 word option of “Take That!” 😉

  • Shredsmcgee

    Sure Ace would say “Objection” if he were an attorney but if he were a conductor for an orchestra?
    yes i did feel this question needed a creative response


  • Merryl


  • AmberB


  • Trace Wysaske

    “HOLD IT!” “Take that!” “OBJECTION!!”

    “Gotcha!” <- Get outta here, Apollo.

  • Objection! or Take That! or Hold it!


    Or “Owch!” if he’s up against Franziska

  • space_dog


  • Cindy Ho

    Phoenix yells out “OBJECTION!” in the court room. 😀

  • Paul Mahoney


  • Calamari

    *cue epic court battle music*

  • Christopher Hatswell

    He says OBJECTION then says “sorry I was think about another case”.

  • Competition has ended! Contacts to the following winners who each win a copy of Ace Attorney!



    Gigi Kun

    Thank you once again to everyone that entered! Stay tuned for more competitions and give aways in the near future! Also make sure you enter our existing competitions currently running now :

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