SBS DVD Highlights May 2013 Now Available Through Madman



SBS has delivered us our monthly bounty once again. This month (May, for those of you playing along at home) Madman Entertainment presents 3 new SBS series for you to get stuck into.

For all the foodies The Gourmet Farmer – Season 3 follows Matthew, a chef looking to achieve self-sufficiency by farming his own produce. Since the last season Matthew has moved to a much larger farm where the increased scale offers new opportunities and presents new technical struggles. 

Swift & Shift fans rejoice, the gang are back in The Da Vinci Cup. A great soccer conspiracy draws Pauly and his entourage across Europe as they try to unravel a string of clues strewn across the continent. Shadowy figures such as Nostradamus, Jesus and of course Da Vinci are all embroiled in a scandal that proves that the World Cup is for stooges. With Paul Fenech involved, there’s a fair chance we’ll see what SBS is best known for – foreign nipples.

The nerds among us will find tonnes of new information about the content of our universe with The Fabric of the Cosmos. Physicist Brain Greene returns after his acclaimed The Elegant Universe series to prod at the nature of reality. Greene explores the content of the world outside us through illuminating incorrect assumptions many may hold.

Plenty of goodies here to keep you tied over until next month’s SBS dump. Or you could just remember to highlight the TV guide when your favourite show is actually on, your call.

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