Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy Hits iOS Early

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Pffft...No objections here.

Pffft…No objections here.

There was a time not too long ago where the Ace Attorney Trilogy was slapped with a delay that set it all the way back to July, this is no longer the case because the Capcom team have a little surprise for you: The Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy is coming to all iOS devices in ONE WEEK! That’s not a normal week either, we’re talking a working week, that’s five days. If you’ve been waiting for this chestnut to be released May 30th is your day of rejoice.

Just for the added “piece of mind” here’s a side-by-side comparison of the original and HD graphics (I’m sure I don’t need to outline which is which):

Yeah, ok, because his beard didn't look glorious enough as it was.

Yeah, ok, because his beard didn’t look glorious enough as it was.

The HD Trilogy will include the original Ace Attorney, Justice For All and Trials and Tribulations. Once you’ve downloaded the free base app you can then choose to buy each title separately or all together. The prices are as follows:  The Original game will be $5.99 and both sequels will cost $6.99 which is actually an awesome price for these games. If you’re a true fan and want the whole Trilogy that’ll set you back $16.99 which is still a damn good price! The app will also include a quirky little extra called “Everybody Object” which allows you to email or tweet Wright’s catchphrases, with animation, to friends.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney HD Trilogy comes out on the 30th of May so keep your eyes open so you can get your hands on this ASAP.

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