New Boss “Dracula” To Be Introduced Into Tata Blitz

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Get Ready To Rumble!

Get Ready To Rumble!

Today revealed the next Boss Backstory for the new, free-to-play, browser-based, 2D, third person shooter; Tata Blitz and that boss is none other than the infamous Dracula! You can read the official teaser description below.

Tata Blitz is a great game known for its comical, cartoon style. The game features varies battle maps, unique and crazy characters, awesome weapons and fast-paced PVE mission and PVP challenges. Players will be transported to an array of foreign maps that will feature scenery from all over the globe including Egyptian Pyramids, Dracula’s Castle, Dark gas Swamps and a whole lot more!

The Official Tata Blitz Boss Backstory:

“Bob, do you really believe in Dracula?” a timid voice asked from the darkness.

“Shut up Rocky. You’ve asked me that a hunnerd times, don’ ask any more!” came the sharp retort, the South accent thick on his tongue.  The silence thickened ominously, broken only by the two’s footfalls on the stone walkway.

Bob and Rock had been best friends for what felt like forever.  Both were huge fans of everything Vampire, and had always fantasized about meeting a live…or dead one.  An online forum they both followed had mentioned an abandoned castle where a vampire was rumored to live, and they’d decided to adventure out to see if it was true.  The two had spent hours walking around the deserted castle, and were on the verge of leaving when they stumped upon a secret entrance to an underground passage.  Though night was falling, the possibility of a secret underground lair was too much for the duo to resist!

Bob lead the way with Rock, more timid, following behind.  The darkness was both thrilling and a little intimidating.  Rock secretly wished he could be back at home in his cozy chair in front of the TV and computer, but he couldn’t leave his best friend to go exploring alone.  Suddenly, Rock felt some fluid drop onto his face, and he screamed, startling Bob.  Both lifted their leads slowly and discovered they could no longer see the roof clearly.  With a thunderous noise, hundreds of bat wings began to beat in time as faint green lights – the reflection of the creatures’ eyes – suddenly light up the gloomy cavern.

The two began to run without caution, not realizing they were running deeper into the underground catacombs.  They screeched to a halt as they entered a cavernous chamber and stared in horror, for sitting in the middle of the room, on a raised platform, sat a coffin.  As its lid slowly rose up, Rock’s last thought was for his comfortable chair as he was attacked by the swarm of ravenous vampire bats that has followed the two inside…When did this happen and where?  It’s up to you to find out!

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