Welcome back for this week’s iOS Game Suggestions. If you missed last week’s, or are new to the suggestions, click on the link below and check out what cool games you should be picking up for your iOS device along with the introduction on how the suggestions work. (suggestions 1 has how it all works)

MasterAbbott’s iOS Game Suggestions

A great week on iTunes! As always, it started slow and but ended with a little bang! There are many must-buy games this week in all departments, FREE, 99c and over 99c. This week I’ve suggested a total of 19 great quality titles. Make sure you check them all especially… Fire & Forget The Final Assault, Jacob Jones, Frozen Synapse, Gravity Guy 2, Warspear Online, Bombcats,   just to name a few.

Break down below :

12FREE Games

2$0.99c Games

5 – Over $0.99c Games

As always for this week’s suggestions are all new titles that you should take a look at and consider spending your hard earned iTunes cash / time on.  Well the Free games just below certainly should all be given a shot as they won’t cost you anything!

For The Cheapskates – FREE GAMES

 Bombcats-Logo Bombcats Price : FREE – Publisher –Chillingo (From Radiangames, the makers of Super Crossfire and Slydris, send in the Bombcats! Seven cute but volatile felines ready to explode into action to save their imprisoned furry friends. Ready your aim and fire these detonating kitties across the screen!) runs on iPad & iPhone. GET IT NOW FOR FREE


 Nikko-RC-Racer-Logo Nikko RC Racer Price : FREE – Publisher –Paladin Entertainment (Nikko RC Racer puts you in control of your favorite RC cars. Race 10 actual Nikko vehicles on 9 offroad tracks in a huge city park. Hit the checkpoints as fast as possible, and claim the number one spot. Challenge your Facebook friends and see if they can match your skill. Race against the ghost replays of your friends and use all the tricks and shortcuts to beat their times. Experience the thrill of an actual race, any time and any place – you don’t have to be online in the same session.) runs on iPad & iPhone. GET IT NOW FOR FREE
 Fast-and-Furious-6-The-Game-Logo Fast & Furious 6: The Game Price : FREE – Publisher –Kabam (Step into the world of Fast & Furious 6. Earn cash and the respect of the “Fastest” drivers as you drift and drag through the London street scene. Join the Fast & Furious crew as they prepare to take on a series of jobs in an all new heist mode. Fast & Furious 6: The Game takes the mobile racing genre to greater heights with stunning graphics, new game modes, addictive challenges and intense full-throttle missions that dare you to exceed all limits.) runs on iPad & iPhone. GET IT NOW FOR FREE
 Guncrafter-Logo Guncrafter Price : FREE – Publisher –Naquatic (Craft your own gun and compete against your friends, your enemies, or anyone in the world in a virtual reality shooting competition!) runs on iPad & iPhone. GET IT NOW FOR FREE
 Warspear-Online-Logo Warspear Online Price : FREE – Publisher –AIGRIND (Create a Hero and battle monsters in a classic 2D MMORPG that has gained popularity with millions of players worldwide! In Arinar, a fantasy world packed with challenges, your Hero will fight to win skillfully crafted weapons, armor, magic artifacts and vast fortunes of gold.) runs on iPad & iPhone. GET IT NOW FOR FREE

Star Trek Rivals Price : FREE – Publisher – Elephant Mouse (Warp into the future of card battle games. A highly addictive, strategic, and FREE collectible card game featuring the characters and ships from Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness.) on iPad & iPhone. GET IT NOW FOR FREE


Tomb Breaker Price : FREE – Publisher – Simple Machine (Join legendary adventurer, Aria Brite and friends, in her very first adventure as you help her unlock the secrets of the “Tomb of Infinity”. Play this brand new game designed by Kurt Bieg, creator of Circadia and Twirdie, with stunning artwork by Victor Soto.) on iPad & iPhone. GET IT NOW FOR FREE


Turbo Racing League Price : FREE – Publisher – PikPok (Join the TURBO RACING LEAGUE and drive like you’re shell on wheels! Head down to the garage where Tito will show you the ropes and help you trick-out your own sweet ride! Race, drift, slide and jump your way to the top of the leaderboards!) on iPad & iPhone. GET IT NOW FOR FREE


ERA HD Deluxe Price : FREE – Publisher – Crescent Moon Games (40 Levels & an epic finale in Campaign, 45 Levels in Challenge & 9 Levels in Endless mode!. Including both Fixed-Path and Open-Field maps! Battles begin in [Dark Forest] on planets of G581, and continue all the way through to the [Glacial] & mysterious [Mayan], and finally reach the CORE of relentless enemies, a total of *8 series*, and NOT one boring fight!) on iPad & iPhone. GET IT NOW FOR FREE

 Trial-Xtreme-3-Logo Trial Xtreme 3 Price : FREE – Publisher –Deemedya (Trial Xtreme 3, will take your breath away with its new innovations and amazing features. Tackle 76 completely original courses, fighting your friends for the race, win while carefully controlling your bike to ensure that you don’t fall victim to one of the many hundreds of mines, water pipes, or wrecked cars that are standing in your way.) runs on iPad & iPhone. GET IT NOW FOR FREE

Doomsday Preppers Price : FREE – Publisher – G5 Entertainment (Based on the popular National Geographic Channel TV show by the same name, Doomsday Preppers challenges you to prepare for a new (and even more fabulous) life below the ground. Design a multi-level dream bunker complete with everything you need for post-apocalyptic bliss, from a gym to a greenhouse to a disco bar!) on iPhone & iPad. GET IT NOW FOR FREE


Market GardenPrice : FREE – Publisher – Two Bulls (Get back to nature and experience the peaceful, simple pleasures of growing your dream garden … at a real world location! Market Garden is a new experience that blends a fun gaming environment with the real world.) on iPhone & iPad. GET IT NOW FOR FREE

For The Bargain Hunters – 99c Games


Gravity Guy 2 Price : $0.99 – Publisher – Miniclip (In a world where gravity laws were broken, a brave guy was held captive for rebelling and defying the rules! Being the first one ever to rise against the system, he found himself in danger, and in need to run for his life. However, after being relentlessly chased down by the Gravity Troops, our hero was finally captured and beamed up to a space ship, only to find a terrifying truth: they were going to clone him.) runs on iPad & iPhone. BUY NOW


Fixie Joe Price : $0.99 – Publisher – Retromade Games Studio (Fixie Joe and the Crazy Factory is our tribute to classic platform games of the 80’s and early 90’s, like Mario, Jet Set Willy, PitFall and Manic Miner) runs on iPhone & iPad. BUY NOW

For The Millionaires – All games over $0.99


Fire & Forget The Final Assault Price : $1.99  – Publisher – Microids (In a world ravaged by thermonuclear war, where law and order are but a distant memory, a terrorist group is trying to deliver the final blow which could lead to the total loss of what is left of humanity. Equipped with the ultimate in sophisticated top secret weaponry, the “Thunder Master III”, you are the last resort, only you can save the day now…) runs on iPhone & iPad. BUY NOW

Isla-Dorada-Episode-1-Logo Isla Dorada – Episode 1: The Sands of Ephranis Price : $2.99 – Publisher – G5 Entertanment (A courageous archeologist, Jessica Pandora, finally hits a site that has been sought after by treasure hunters all over the world. While searching the site, she accidentally activates a golden artifact and is transported to a mysterious, distant land called the Isla Dorada. Follow Jessica on this odd journey, meet enigmatic local people, solve dozens of challenging puzzles and find the pieces of a magical mask in order to find your way home in this incredible, hidden object adventure.) runs on iPad. BUY NOW
 Impossible-Road-Logo Impossible Road Price : $1.99 – Publisher – Kevin Ng (Guide THE VESSEL down the roller coaster-like track at speed, scoring for each gate you make it through. Navigate hair-pin bends, jumps, banked curves and adverse camber in the quest for the perfect line. And when you learn how to cheat the game, and you discover that it is rewarded not punished, the leaderboards will belong to you.) runs iPad & iPhone. BUY NOW

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery: Episode 1 Price : $2.99  – Publisher – Lucid Games (Join Camp Eagle Feathers’ newest ‘Brave’, Jacob Jones, on an amazing adventure to uncover just what is going on at Camp Eagle Feather. From talking foxes and celebrity obsessed barmaids to dimwitted hunters and death-metal fan roommates, this is one summer vacation Jacob will never forget. Discover what’s lurking in the forest at night, how the the animals can talk, why Mr Grimmel is so angry, what’s in ‘The Cooler’? and exactly what is wrong with Billy Jackson?) runs on iPhone & iPad. BUY NOW


Frozen Synapse Price : $7.49  – Publisher – Mode 7. (Frozen Synapse brings the simultaneous turn-based strategy genre bang up-to-date and lets you give detailed, accurate orders to your squad: classic gameplay with a modern interface.  Plan your moves, test them out, then hit the “Prime” button: both you and your enemy’s turns are executed simultaneously. Competitive-but-intuitive multiplayer and a huge single player campaign mean that Frozen Synapse will give you hours and hours of tactical delight.) runs on iPad. BUY NOW

There you have it folks these games should keep you busy for quite some time well until next week at least. I’ll be back next week for another dose of iOS goodness, in the meantime if you would also like to suggest your own suggestions, please feel free to share them in the comments section below or in the iOS forum section on the site here.

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