Jagged Alliance: Flashback Gameplay Scene Released

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Danish independent studio Full Control today released a downloadable gameplay scene for their game  Jagged Alliance: Flashback. The scene depicts a combat scenario set in the jungle and ancient ruins of the fictional Caribbean Island of San Christobal, showing the community the look and style of Full Control’s planned reset for the cult turn based franchise. The island will hold many hidden secrets, humorous stories and hostile environments, which makes a perfect setting for a fun and challenging game with lots of  twists and turns. Gameplay features will emphasize the core pillars that made the original games great: deep strategy, thrilling action and character RPG elements.


The scene can now be explored and is available for download as PC, Mac and Linux builds via the Jagged Alliance Kickstarter page. It should be noted that Jagged Alliance: Flashback is currently in pre-production and both the style and core features are subject to change. The team has currently raised over $235,890 to successfully reset the franchise, and with a funding goal of $350,000.00, have five days to raise the remaining funds.

“The Jagged Alliance series have always been played out on temperate pacific islands – looking back at Back in Action and Jagged Alliance 2 from an artistic point of view – trife brown colours dominated the landscape,” said Jesper Andersen, Concept Artist at Full Control. “We  have been influenced by games such as Dishonored that oozed dirty, dark and filthy visuals without succumbing to photo realistic textures. With Flashback we want to combine a realistic approach with strong colours to stand out from the masses.”  


High profile members of the Modding Community already joined the Team to help make the game easier to modify. Chris Camfield, Sir-Tech veteran, also joined the Board of Advisors. Chris has worked on the implementation and design of several Jagged Alliance titles and ended up as lead designer on the unreleased Jagged Alliance 3.


For more information check out the official Jagged Alliance: Flashback site.

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